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Passenger door bmw 320i help?

the passenger door on my '83 BMW 320i is closed. i cant open it at all need help getting it open i've taken off the handle on the inside but the lock doesn't engage when i pull the lever. even on the outside when i pull the handle it doesn't engage what can i do to open it? thanks need any mmore info just ask.

Passenger door bmw 320i help?auto protect

The lock mechanism on the latch may be sticky. Insert the key in the lock %26 engage it a few times; at the same time try the door latch. Once you get it open then remove the door panel %26 further investigate.


Passenger door bmw 320i help?downloads

The lever that locks and unlocks the door goes to the door lock mechanism. Follow the rod from the inner handle lock button or lever to the door lock assembly. You will have to get the interior panel off somehow. Find the part of the lock mechanism it moves, it will be the problem. It must engage the part of the assembly that allows the inner handle to pull the lock release lever. There may be a rod loose or a plastic retainer clip broken.

Question about BMW computers?

A Salvage dealer priced a used/replacement Transmission Control Module for my 93 BMW. I then learned from the dealership that these are Vin Number specific. Q? Can I trust that any non-dealer has sufficient knowlege to replace this part correctly, and How do I ensure accurate part if buying used? There are multiple supercession numbers which the dealership could not or would not tell to me. Does this info exist anywhere?

Question about BMW computers?avast

They are VIN specific and typically need to be programmed once in your car. Recommend someone who has the tools and equipment to do this.

TSX or BMW or S40?

Does anybody know how Acuras run, I mean, power, dependability, maintenance costs and all that. My options are BMW, Volvo or Acura and somebody told me on the overall Acuras are better.


TSX or BMW or S40?best antivirus software

BMW and Volvo offer cars that are more powerful than the TSX, but they don't offer cars that are as dependable. The TSX is always on the Consumer Guide lists of best cars to own, and they hold more of their value than just about anything else. They also come very well equipped. Competitors may not be much more expensive at base price, but option up a 328i to the point where it has the luxury features of a base TSX, and the price difference is about 10 thousand dollars. My father drove new BMWs for 16 years, but as his last one needed its 3rd transmission at 60K miles, he decided to try something else. The TSX has about 50K miles now. It has never had anyting done to it. By the same age, the BMW was on transmission number 2, its dashboard had been apart twice, which made it look as shoddy as the level of engineering that necessitated it, and it was getting to be expensive and time consuming to keep on the road. The TSX also gets great mileage, better than my 2007 Civic Si sedan. It isn't the best car for posers, but it offers the bet ride and handling balance in its class and a great ownership experience.

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  • DSP in BMW X5 ? Any difference with out DSP premium audio?

    I am planning to buy BMW x5 3.0 2002,but it doesn't have DSP in it,so just stock speakers. Is there any difference in loudness and quality of stereo with DSP and with out? Thanks for helping out.

    DSP in BMW X5 ? Any difference with out DSP premium audio?bmw

    Huge difference in sound. Many other sound options including reverb and sound efects, graphic equalizer, along with higher watt output. Well worth the price if you're inot music. If you're an AM talk radion kind of person you don;t need it.

    DSP in BMW X5 ? Any difference with out DSP premium audio?free adware remover

    I think DSP is just an upgraded amplifier option that gives certain simulated surround effects (like concert hall, theatre). Other than that the speakers may not be considered BMW top-hifi, but they won't sound much different from the upgraded system.

    Hi, Maintenance cost for 2001, BMW 318 sei series?


    I am thinking of buying my frist car, and i was thinking of a second hand year 2001 BMW, about 80000 miles, just wanted to know whats the servicing and maintenance cost for a BMW is like?

    Is it expensive ? does it break down often or is it a solid car?

    Otherwise i might look for a japanese model or a hyundai coupe.

    I was thinking of peugeot 206 as well and VW golf. hows the insurance for all of these car? Which car is better for a fresh graduate like me?

    Hi, Maintenance cost for 2001, BMW 318 sei series?cafe racer

    For a first car I'd suggest a super mini like a 206 or a golf. Both will be much cheaper to run and insure.

    The BMW will be reliable but annual servicing costs, higher insurance and higher road tax will really add up. A set of new tyres alone would cost you about 拢400.

    Hi, Maintenance cost for 2001, BMW 318 sei series?free anti virus

    they're about 拢5500 and would cost in excess of 拢400 on a service, insurance would be very steep for a first car 拢2000 at least. Defiantly think of a 206 or even better a ford fiesta, for 拢5k you would get a 2005 1.4 version of each and insurance would be around half of the BMW.
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    10 second BMW?

    I have a BMW (94-98 both body and engine) it has a 325i body with a M3 engine. How can I make it a street legal 10 second car with out having to sell everything I own?

    10 second BMW?computer protection

    sure u do

    10 second BMW?free antivirus download

    can you say DINAN TURBO?
    again without a engine swap it doesnt seem fesible. Nitrious looks like what you are gunna want to do. set up a ''wet'' system. its alot safer and wont mess up your car that fast. use it sparingly and only when you are full throttle in your highest gear. never use it for over 10 seconds.

    Warranty for BMW x5 2002?

    Hye,I am owndering if I can buy extended warranty for my BMW x5 2002 3.0i with 69k miles on it??? Will that warranty cover fixes as changing abs sensors or like abs module or fixing window washer or somethign like that? also can i buy maintanace plan as well to change oil and etc for free?

    Warranty for BMW x5 2002?computer repair

    You certainly can. Your X5 is out of its factory warranty by two years and 19,000 miles but you have two options for extended warranty. One is through BMW. They have two programs that'd interest you a, 'Pre-Paid Repair Plan' and 'Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan.' The other is through third party insurers.

    It's very similar to health insurance. It can be rather expensive but can really help if a serious problem arises. Typically you select a level of coverage and to what mileage it'll be covered (they usually have deductibles and co-pay like health insurance as well). So you can just cover the powertrain until 80,000 miles or have full coverage until 120,000 (for example). Third party plans are generally not so great for BMW owners. The facilities they use can sometimes be understaffed or undertrained to work with our powerplants. Going with a genuine BMW plan will ensure you always have trained technicians working on your car. You're not going to get ''free oil changes'' with any BMW pre-paid maintenance plan but what you will get is a reduced cost in the long run for oil changes, rotations etc as opposed to paying for them individually. It's a way for BMW to ensure they have your business and a nice way to save you a little money long term.